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Dear Parents,

Hi, and welcome to the accompanying website for the children’s television production of Hey Kids, Let’s Cook! As an award winning Consumer and Family Studies teacher, I have loved being in the classroom, personally teaching over 8,000 children and teens nutrition, and to love cooking. With a passion for cooking, and over 20 years experience as an elementary, middle school, high school, and junior college educator, I made a goal to create, the ˝ hour series Hey Kids, Let’s Cook! back in 2004. Major production funding has been provided by Save Mart Supermarkets, who has set goals for health and wellness of children and families, and has provided to communities the award winning show now airing on PBS throughout California and Nevada.

Now in it’s 5th Season, the award winning show debuted in November of 2006, and helps children and teens develop cooking skills, while demonstrating how to make easy, irresistible, and mouth-watering recipes. Targeting 6 – 14 year old kids and teens, the series attracts kids who love to cook, those who want to learn, and focuses on teaching children healthy eating habits and how to make wise food choices. The show is a valuable, multidisciplinary, cooking show based on nutrition and includes an educational component integrating California Content Standards in the areas of: math, literacy, vocabulary development, reading comprehension, science, geography, and history. Other important topics include; life skills, career exploration and recycling. The series content is guided by a committee of educators, registered dieticians, and professional chefs who assure the accuracy and educational value of each program.

All of our sponsors believe it is vital to teach children how to prepare healthy, nutritious foods; Save Mart Supermarkets, The Dairy Council of California, STAR Fine Foods, Kingsburg Orchards, Food Makers Equipment, Rich Products, and the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences . In addition, Hey Kids, Let’s Cook! supports First Lady Michelle Obama’s new initiative on health and wellness, "Let's Move", the anti-childhood obesity campaign. The First Lady mentioned on the recent AOL live chat:
“I know my kids ears pop-up when they’re going to be engaged in making the healthy snack, they’ll be more inclined to eat it.”

I am so glad you’re here, and join us on facebook and twitter for more on Hey Kids, Let’s Cook!

Best Wishes,

Kathy Powers
Producer/Program Developer/Host/Owner